Gold, Platinum and Silver

Your custom-created design can be crafted in platinum, gold and sterling silver. The precious metals used in our jewellery are refined and cast in Toronto.


We currently work with over a dozen unique 14K and 18K gold alloys yielding colours ranging from deep yellows to bright whites, lime greens to warm ochres and rose. These wide range of alloys help us achieve the greatest contrast and stunning gemstone matches.

14K yellow gold is our strongest precious yellow metal and contains no nickel. 18K white gold is our hardest and most dent-resistant precious white metal.


Platinum is the toughest white metal providing the highest resistance to wear-and-tear. It does not contain any nickel, making it the ideal choice for those with a nickel sensitivity in search for a white metal.

Sterling Silver

Our sterling silver is always nickel-free. All our silver pieces receive a hypoallergenic treatment that delays the tarnishing process. We also offer a selection of silver care products to keep your jewellery clean and shiny.

While sterling silver is a gorgeous white metal, it is significantly softer than gold and platinum. For this reason, we recommend crafting your wedding and engagement rings in either gold or platinum for optimal durability. 

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