Personalize with Birthstones

Keep your family close at heart by adding their birthstones to your favourite jewellery.

To get started:

1. Select the jewellery you wish to personalize. The Infinity, Terra and Mantra designs look fantastic with vibrant birthstones. We can also add birthstones to your own jewellery and other designs in our collection.

2. Contact us and let us know which birthstones you would like to set on your pendant. We will prepare a price quote based on the number and size of the birthstones selected.

3. We will email you a personalized rendering of the birthstone arrangement for your review. Once approved, it will take approximately 2-3 weeks to customize your birthstone jewellery. Please let us know if you need your pendant delivered by a specific date and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Did you know?

Genuine birthstones are carefully set on one face of the Infinity, Terra and Mantra pendants. The reverse face maintains the classic design in all its sculptural simplicity. This provides you the versatility of having 2 designs in one pendant.

We can fit up to 8 birthstones on each half of the Infinity pendant for a total of 16 gems. Please let us know upon ordering your pendant if you plan to add more birthstones in the future.

Many of our signature designs feature birthstones and other vibrant gems. Our favourite birthstone collections include: Aqua, Blossom and Confetti.

We can also create a brand new design from scratch that includes your favorite birthstones.

Birthstone Pricing

Here are the prices of genuine birthstones sized to fit our signature Infinity, Terra and Mantra pendants.

Additional birthstones sizes are available upon request and will be priced accordingly.