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Custom Engagement Rings

"Pam did a fabulous job on our beautiful engagement ring. We had heirloom diamonds and wasn’t sure what to exactly do but she came up with the most perfect design. When she sent the first sketches I asked how she came up with such a beautiful purpose for each diamond and she said she has a great way of reading what people like. I am over the moon with her work and couldn’t be happier! My forever go to jeweller!! Thank you Pam for your attentiveness and patience!"


Your Personalized Experience


The first step is to chat on the phone. What metals and gems do you like? Got any heirloom gems you'd like to restyle? Pamela will answer your questions and prepare your price quote.


A studio meeting comes next. We’ll talk details and check off all items on your design wishlist, including the gems you'd like us to source. You can also bring your heirloom gems to explore restyling options.


Pamela will sketch your design in detail. Once you approve the sketch, we will create your design's computer model. After you approve it, we'll handcraft your jewellery with love and care in our Toronto studio.


The great reveal. Time to unveil your new design. We’ll make any adjustments needed to make sure it fits you like a dream. It's then your turn to sparkle!

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Listed on Blog TO’s “Top 10 Diamond Engagement Rings in Toronto”

Re-design Your Old Jewels

In addition to creating jewelry from scratch, Pamela is an expert at re-vamping cherished treasures and transforming them into modern designs that highlights your fabulous style.

She'll also help you determine the best way to retain your gold's value, whether by melting it or trading it towards credit for your new design.

Want to find out more? Check out these FAQs:

We'll work on your design as swiftly as possible. Your project's duration will depend on the nature of the design and gemstone availability. To provide enough time to create a beautiful design from scratch and allow you to review each step of the process, we recommend allowing 4-6 weeks.

If you need your custom jewelry sooner, let us know at the start of your project and we’ll do everything possible to meet your timeline. In our 20 years of designing jewelry, we've never missed a deadline!

We want your jewellery to sparkle on you forever, so we'll crafted with plenty of care to ensure its durability.

We’ll assume responsibility for mishaps caused by craftmanship and will repair your ring promptly and at no charge.

If the damage is caused by impact, intense activity or wear-and-tear, we will let you know the repair cost in advance and repair your jewelry to its new condition promptly.

We also welcome you back in the studio at anytime should your custom jewellery require a little polish and TLC.

To keep your jewelry clean and sparkling, check out our jewellery care tips.

For maximum durablity, we craft wedding and engagement rings in 14K gold, 18K gold and platinum.

Here are the key metal properties to help you select the best metal for your custom engagement and wedding rings:


We work with over a dozen unique 14K and 18K gold alloys yielding colours ranging from deep yellows to bright whites, from subtle greens to warm ochres and rose.
This wide range of metal colours help us achieve the greatest contrast in bi-metal designs and make stunning gemstone matches.

14K yellow gold is our strongest precious yellow metal and contains no nickel.

18K white gold is our hardest and most dent-resistant white gold alloy. It also holds its shiny polish for longer. White gold is created by combining pure yellow gold


Platinum is the toughest white metal providing the highest resistance to wear-and-tear.
It does not contain any nickel, making it the ideal choice for those with a nickel sensitivity in search for a white metal.

Platinum is denser than both gold and silver so a design crafted in platinum will be heavier than if it's crafted in silver or gold.

The most accurate way to determine your ring size is to measure it in person at our studio. If you live outside Toronto and are unable to visit our studio, we’d be happy to mail you a free set of ring sizers for you to measure your ring size at home.

If your ring is part of a special surprise, Pam will recommend discrete ways of finding out a ring size.

If it’s not possible to find the exact ring size, we will guesstimate it as best we can.

Since we want to ensure a perfect fit, we offer one complimentary size adjustment within 30 days of delivering your ring – provided the ring’s design allows this. Most rings can be resized and Pam let you know the options for your specific ring design prior to getting started.

We have access to a vast selection of natural and lab grown diamonds, as well as precious gems of all kinds, including uniquely coloured sapphires and all birthstones.

As a certified gemologist, Pamela personally views and selects all gemstones incorporated into her designs. All diamonds and gems she selects are conflict-free and sourced from reputable, ethical gem sources.

We will be happy to source Canadian natural diamonds upon request.

One of the most informative parts of the custom design process is the private gem viewing she coordinates for you to select your own diamonds and precious gemstones. Equipped with the necessary gemological equipment, Pamela coaches you to identify and appreciate key characteristics of each gem considered for your project, allowing you to select the one(s) to be included in your one-of-a-kind creation.

We also welcome your own diamonds, sapphires and heirloom gems and will guard them with outmost security throughout the custom design process.

Learn more about the diamonds and gems we can source for your custom design.

Absolutely! Lab grown diamonds are an increasingly popular option – for good reason. They are truly diamonds! This means that they have
the same chemical and molecular composition as natural diamonds.

They also share the same optical and sparkling properties.  Because they grow in a lab (in an environment replicating the high temperatures and high pressure conditions of a mine), lab grown diamonds have much friendlier prices than natural ones.

We provide Appraisal Certificates for all custom jewellery created in our studio and crafted in gold and/or platinum containing diamonds valued at over $1,500 CAD. We suggest making a copy of this certificate and submit it to them to the insurance company of your choice.  

We also provide Grading Reports for the natural and lab grown diamonds sourced by our studio that weigh over 0.7 carats.

Custom design projects are billed in 2 parts. A 50% deposit is required to confirm the project and start the design process. The balance is due upon delivery of your newly created jewellery.

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Join Pam on a tour of our Leslieville studio as she walks you through recent custom projects and shares details on her design process.

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