Redesign Your Jewellery, Keep Your Gold's Value

Do you have jewellery that you haven’t worn in ages? Perhaps you love the gems but the design is outdated. Or maybe you inherited valuable pieces from a dear relative whose fashion style differs from yours.

It’s time to reinvent those old beauties and create a new design that reflects your unique personal style. Our specialty is to create one-of-a-kind jewellery using your own diamonds and gems. 

Our design collaboration begins with a studio meeting to look at of your jewels in detail. While viewing and organizing your jewellery, we will explore design ideas and recommend the best way to keep your gold's value either by selling it or by melting it to create the new design.

If your gold is sold, 100% of the  proceeds will be credited towards your new design. We will provide you with a detailed report of your gold sale and return any unsold items to you

Restyled Diamond Wedding Rings

This is a great opportunity to clean up your jewellery box. You'd be surprised how much value there is in broken chains, mismatched earrings and other fine jewellery that you no longer wear.

Your gems and gold will be stored with utmost security throughout the design process.

We welcome your design ideas and vision. For more inspiration, visit our Custom Design Gallery and our Wedding Rings Gallery.