Re-design Your Jewellery, Sell Your Gold

Restyling Redesign Custom Wedding Engagement Rings Restyling Redesign Custom Wedding Engagement Rings

Let's breathe new life into your existing jewellery so you can enjoy it again. We can create a fresh and stunning design that showcases your own diamonds, sapphires, pearls and other gemstones.

Your gems and gold will be safely stored with utmost care and security. We will take a detailed inventory of the gems we will keep in our studio as your new pieces are designed and crafted.

If you have gold and platinum that you wish to part with, we would be happy to sell it on your behalf and put 100% of the proceeds towards the price of your custom-designed commission. We do not retain any fees for selling your precious metals - you keep their full market value in the form of newly-designed jewellery.

This is a great opportunity to clean up your jewellery box. You'd be surprised how much value there is in broken chains, mismatched earrings and other gold/platinum pieces that you no longer wear. We will provide you with a detailed estimate of your sale proceeds before selling your precious metals.

To ensure the flawless finish of our designs, we do not melt existing gold to make new jewellery.  Our 100% gold-sale offering is exclusively available upon commissioning a custom design at our Toronto studio. 

Learn more about our Custom Design Process or contact us for more information and to get started.

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