The Synergy Bangle

This versatile bangle can be worn as a bracelet, pendant, belt loop and scarf ring!


The Story 

The Synergy Bangle was inspired by the versatile travel-wear created by fashion designer Diane Kroe. Each of Diane's designs can be styled in many ways so that you can pack light while carrying a complete wardrobe - they are the most fun and stylish capsule essentials.

Styling Your Bangle 

Keep watching the video above to discover the many looks created with the Synergy Bangle and Diane Kroe's most popular designs. We hope it inspires you to pair your Synergy bangle with many items in your wardrobe. 

The bangle is hand-polished with utmost care so that its surface is smooth and does not snag or catch on fabrics. The front side of the bangle has a glossy finish and the other side is softly brushed to prevent it from slipping on silky materials. 

When styling the bangle as a scarf ring or belt loop, we recommend wearing it with the brushed side closest to you and the polished side facing forward. The solid bangle has a subtle curve allowing it to rest comfortably on your body while securing your favourite scarves and sash belts. 

The Synergy Bangle is handcrafted in three metals: sterling silver, stainless steel and yellow bronze. Whether you favour cool or warm tones, we've got a bangle for you to dazzle in all your outfits. Get yours today! 

Keeping Your Bangle Shiny

The best way to keep your bangle shiny is to keep it dry and prevent extended exposure to moisture. 

The bronze bangles have protective 18K yellow gold or white rhodium coatings to make them tarnish resistant. It's important to keep them dry and away from swimming pools and salt water as exposure to chemicals will remove the plating. To clean your gold or rhodium plated bangle, wipe it gently with a soft cloth - please do not use any polishing products on it.

The sterling silver bangle can develop a patina over time.  If it gets wet, be sure to dry it as soon as possible. To keep tarnish at bay, clean and store them in their anti-tarnish pouch when not in use. 

If tarnish spots appear on your sterling silver bangle, clean it as soon as possible with our signature polishing cloth before the spots deepen. Persistent spots can be removed with Flitz, our favourite metal polisher, as follows: 

- While wearing protective gloves, apply the Flitz with a soft cloth.  Rub it well on the bangle so that it removes tarnish while imparting anti-tarnish agents. Deep spots may require two or three applications.

- Make sure there is no paste residue on the bangle before putting it in contact with skin and clothing.  

If you have any questions about styling or caring for your bangle, contact us. We want you to enjoy your Synergy bangle in all your adventures, both near and far.