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Engraved Custom Gold Book Necklace

This custom engraved little gold book was featured on our December 17th, 2022 episode of From A Woman's Perspective hosted by Marilyn Wetston. This one hour show airs every Saturday at 8am EST on AM 740, 96.7 FM Toronto, and Rogers 949.

Let me tell you about a beautiful Christmas gift I’ve been working on. Last month a client asked me to create a little book in 14k yellow gold for his wife to wear as a pendant. The book contains 4 pages. Three pages are engraved with a meaningful image and the fourth one is left blank for a future image. 

Gold Book Necklace


I loved creating this little gold book necklace from scratch and can’t wait to fill in the fourth page.

There are so many options for a future engraving, including images, special messages, initials and even fingerprints. Personalized jewellery such as engraved rings and pendants make meaningful gifts for the person who has everything.



There are so many ways to create jewellery for someone special that no one else will have. I look forward to chatting with you about your own unique design.

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