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Hand-engraved Diamond & Sapphire Engagement Ring

This custom hand-engraved ring was featured on our December 31st, 2022 episode of From A Woman's Perspective hosted by Marilyn Wetston. This one hour show airs every Saturday at 8am EST on AM 740, 96.7 FM Toronto, and Rogers 949.

Enjoy our New Year’s Eve episode!

Happy New Year’s Eve! As we get ready to cheer 2023 in style, I’d like to tell you about one of my favourite projects this year.


Engraved Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring


This custom engagement ring celebrates the coming together of 2 families. A lovely couple brought me a stunning large blue sapphire that the bride’s father obtained in Sri Lanka. They also brought a diamond ring that belonged to the groom’s family. The bride’s vision was an engagement ring that combined both the diamond and the sapphire in a design that inspired by vine branches and leaves.


Engraved Diamond and Sapphire Engagement Ring


I created an asymmetrical design where the ring is shaped like a circular branch connecting the diamond and sapphire. Each gem is held by a basket in the shape of a flower. We also worked with one of Canada’s top engravers to hand-engrave a vine like pattern all around the band. 

To make this unique ring extra meaningful, the groom asked us to honour his bride’s French-Canadian family by including the fleur de lis in the engraving pattern. I loved every second of this meaningful  project and look forward to working on many more in the new year. 

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