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Stardust Family Ring

Many of us own rings that we cherish but do not wear. Some we've inherited from our mothers and grandmothers, others are made in a style that is no longer our own. 

Early in my career as a jeweller, a client brought several heirloom diamond rings that she wished to wear on a single, contemporary ring. As a busy new mom, she needed this ring to be very comfortable and sturdy.

She inspired me to create the Stardust ring, a contemporary design that can hold many gems embedded into the ring's smooth surface so that they sparkle but never catch on anything. 

I've created several Stardust rings over the years - each uniquely carved and sized to fit a singular collection of heirloom gems. By sheer coincidence, all Stardust rings have been crafted in white gold, until now. 


Heirloom Diamond Rings For Restyling


Our very first yellow gold Stardust ring carries our client’s treasures - diamonds from her grandmother, her Mother and her own first wedding ring. Three generations of wisdom, joy and love.


Stardust Yellow Gold Ring


Why do we call it the Stardust? Because each time we make this design, a new constellation of sparkling gems is created - no two rings are ever alike.  

We can make your own Stardust ring in your favourite metal and with your favourite gems, including birthstones. Here's another colourful Stardust including heirloom diamonds, sapphires and lively peridots.  


Stardust Sapphire Peridot Diamond Ring


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