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Vintage Diamond Necklace Redesign

Welcome to my blog!  I started this blog shortly after my guest appearance on From A Woman's Perspective hosted by Marilyn Wetston. This one hour show airs every Saturday at 8am EST on AM 740, 96.7 FM Toronto, and Rogers 949.

Marilyn and I talked about the transformation of this stunning heirloom necklace on the show that aired on Saturday Nov 5th, 2022. 

Last week, my client and her daughter brought me a spectacular diamond necklace that she had inherited from her late Mother. The necklace consists of over 40 diamonds set on a gorgeous art nouveau floral pattern all made in 18K white gold. These 2 wonderful ladies came up with the  idea of converting this necklace into 11 unique pieces so that her sisters and nieces can each own a piece of this special heirloom. 


Heirloom Marquise Diamond Necklace


As I do at the start of every custom project, I asked my client to provide me with her wish list for the new design.  Her main priority was that we preserved as much of the necklace’s original design in the new necklaces and earrings.  By doing so, each lady who receives their newly restyled piece remembers it came from the Grandma they loved so much. 

And here’s how this stunning heirloom will be reborn: we’ll create 7 necklaces incorporating the floral pattern of the original necklace. We’ll also make 4 pairs of earrings that carry the contemporary side of the original necklace. While the new necklaces and earrings will have a unique style of their own, it will be easy to pretty recognize that it came from Grandma’s heirloom, thus connecting all aunts and nieces in the family. 


Re-designed Necklaces and Earrings


An important detail about this project is that there will be a few inches of 18K gold chain remaining that don’t fit into the new designs. So what are we going to do with this left over gold? I’m always very keen to help our clients retain their gold’s value. In this case, it’s best to sell the gold and put 100% of the proceeds towards the cost of this project.

Since I offer high rates for my client’s gold, our client decided to give me a few more gold pieces that she no longer wears to sell. With the price of gold being so high, she’ll be receiving a very generous credit that will offset more than half of the price of her restyling project.  So everyone wins, there’ll be 11 ladies who will receive a modern heirloom and our generous client will retain the value of her gold. 


Diamond Necklace & Earrings


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